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About Us
The Nicaraguan American Medical Association (N.A.M.A.) was
established in the year 1987 to provide a means for the
Nicaraguan-American physicians to assemble together and
connect to the latest medical advancements through monthly
meetings and specially sponsored medical conferences.  

In addition to the vast source of knowledge and networking it
offers its members, N.A.M.A. advances its philanthropic aims by
supplying donations to those in need of medical attention and
resources, including, of course, but not limited to, the people of

It is through this spirit that N.A.M.A. has continually offered its
community not only an awareness of the rich Nicaraguan culture
which it represents, but also has provided the care of the best
physicians the Nicaraguan-American community has to offer.

Nicaraguan American Medical Association
P. O. Box 559028 - Miami, FL 33255 - Phone 305-439-1436
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The purpose of the Association is
the study of the medical sciences
in their highest manifestations, the
drawing together and union of
Nicaraguan physicians and
affiliates of other nationalities, and
the protection of their professional
interests in the United States of